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Iím feeling YARDIES. Iíve read over 50 urban fiction books and they all sound the same. Yardies is in a class by itself. You wonít be able to say been there read that. This urban fiction is fresh. I canít wait for the movie.


Richard, VA



This book is for those who love drama and gun play, it is as simple as that. If you love the  Godfather I, if you love Scarface, if you love Menace to Society, then youíll definitely love YARDIES. It is simple as that.


Jubil, Miami



My only problem with Yardies is that it had to end, so I read it 3 times. I hear thereís a Yardies II in the works, put me first on the mailing list.


Barbara, CA



I thought Dutch was good but I read YARDIES and it blew me away. Yardies upped the ante in Urban Fiction. This book is fire.


Abdul, PA



YARDIES is the one urban fiction I believe the government will ban. The Rastas keep it real. I mean real real.


Ras, Mango, NY



YARDIES: A tremendously good book, one will not put it down after the 1st chapter. Some of yardies unspeakable actions capture the true drug culture of the drug life, proving one going like lightening will crash like thunder. Yardie has a human side to him and I canít wait to see the return of Yardie from his homeless predicament.


Joan Brown of ďJopiziĒ NY



Yardies is the gripping tale of how one man turned his dire existence into an empire of wealth. Leaving behind his crime world in Jamaica, Richie, comes to America to find his dreams but as you know easy money brings hard problemsÖ.Yardies.


JodyAnn, Long Island



Prince Kofi/GhettoLife Publishing,


Yardies the making of a Jamaican Posse was excellent; the descriptive painting of words brought the book to life from the first page to the last. The mix of emotions, the ups and downs, good and bad, negatives and positives leaves you emotionally unbalanced, trying hard to compose yourself. It takes you through a journey that feels very real and empowering; you live through Richie and his experiences effects you the same; they break you down then build you up, leaving you much wiser than before.  Iím waiting for part 2!


Thank You,


Andrain,  Queens, New York



This book is well written.  It should be a movie.  Prince Kofi you have penned reality.


Grace, Birmingham, England


The book is well written.  I enjoyed it greatly.  Please put me on your mailing list.

Marcia, Bronx New York.


Rudy Boy Richie is a survivor.  I fell in love with this character.  The plot is so real. It's as if I were living the story.  I can't wait for part 2.


Ronald, Teaneck New Jersey


This book is exciting.  I could not put it down.  It leaves you begging for more.

Donovan,  Birmingham, England



Yardies the making of a Jamaican Posse is a book you will enjoy. Learn to understand what drives the youth of today to make the choices they do. Choosing the mean streets over classroom; risking life itself for fast cars, women, flashy jewelry and clothes. Learn why their concept of reverence and respect is gained through fear and intimidation. You will feel riveted to this story as you journey with Richie and share in his wretched encounters with death and victimization.

Mary, Philadelphia

YARDIES: The making of a Jamaican Posse by Prince Kofi.  Rarely have I been so captivated by an Urban novel. Yardies is truly something special. The twists and turns of the intricate plot force you to keep the book in your hand. At times I held my breath and prayed nothing would disturb me before I turned the next page. Talk about  being on the edge of your seat, I was living the drama through the words of Price Kofi. Not only was this book written in the authentic Jamaican patios but the author introduces us to exotic words and a poeticism  that harkens back to Shakespeare. Even in the midst of the violence one cannot help but fall in love with Rude Boy Richie. I found myself shamefully rooting for this bad boy. I'm only glad this is a work of fiction but it sure felt real   I agree with Black Issues Book Review "TO READ IT IS TO LIVE IT"

Andre, Atlanta

Yardies the making of a Jamaica Posse:
"I received the book and it is well written, I enjoyed it very much, Please put my name on your mailing list for upcoming  books"

Marie, Bronx New York





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